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Improve your efficiency!

Energy management is becoming more critical to the bottom line. Let the best electrician Beechworth provide you with a report on your energy efficiency, suggested improvements and payback periods.

24/7 Service

We are experienced in providing unscheduled breakdown maintenance, programmed maintenance and installation of electrical services across the Industrial/commercial sector.

Sectors include;

  • Local State and Federal Government
  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and
  • Abattoirs/render

We carry a range of spares and have the people on call to ensure that your plant and equipment will be productive when you need it.

Programmed maintenance can range from annual visual inspections of electrical services, through to statutory inspections of essential services such as exit/emergency lighting. A custom designed maintenance program can be designed around your specific requirements and plant.

Our professional staff are trained in the latest maintenance techniques such as thermal digital photography, data logging of electrical supply/usage characteristics, vibration, temp etc. With this information we can forecast maintenance routines and prevent costly breakdowns.

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